SuccessOver the years, as I have become online acquaintances with many successful sellers, I have noticed several common qualities of these people. I have noted a few of these important attributes. They can be learned and easily adapted , so you can turn your part time selling hobby into a serious money making business online.

Serious and successful sellers do the following:

  • They treat their online listings like a business. This means instead of just a part time fun mad money endeavor there is some thought and planning put into each listing. It means understanding how your investment and fees take a chunk out of your overall gain and how to avoid pitfalls. They also take their customer service seriously, shipping quickly, answering all correspondence politely, and following up with customers.
  • They find a niche and build on their expertise. A niche is a selling topic in which you are familiar or want to learn about then specialize in. There are thousands of categories on eBay. There is no way one person can be an expert in all of them, and it is futile to be a little educated in several selling topics since the competition can be fierce. The successful eBay sellers establish themselves as experts, and their knowledge is reflected in how their listings are written, the information on their About Me page, and how they respond to requests for additional information. They will willingly share their vast knowledge to interested collectors, or buyers. They also will be open with folks whom may never make a purchase. They are building a reputation in their niche


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Three puppets, supporting the diagram, showing positive results

Working from home has many advantages but has it’s disadvantages, as well. The most obvious challenge is that you are in the comfort of your own home and it is easy to be deceived by motions of working. You can assume a laid back approach while working and achieve less than you normally would when having to produce work at the office. The vital force that should drive you to work consistently, even when you are at home, is the delivery of quality work expected from you from your customers and potential customers. Set the bar high.

The next challenge is finding a balance between work at home and the home life. Most importantly, you need to be able to separate the two. Below are some tips to get yourself motivated and become more successful with your work at home.

Discipline Yourself

When at home, there are several responsibilities to maintain. Juggling those responsibilities is more difficult with the addition of work priorities. With several things to attend to, it is easy to compromise your work and place that on the last rung of priorities. Try to create a boundary of when you need to work and when you must cater to all the other tasks at home. The key is balance. Work when you need to work and do other things when it is time for that. That may most times require some scheduling. No it’s not a stone set schedule but perhaps an general routine like Mondays, Wednesday and Friday you work three hours in the AM. It may be 5-8 or 9-11. It also may be an hour then a half hour break then another hour and so on. It matters little what the routine is and how rigid or flexible it is but whether it is followed consistently.

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Focus; the Why Behind Your Business

dickens-booksI read an interesting blog post by Annie Holmquist this morning. Middle School Reading Lists 100 Years Ago vs. Today

It supports my mission in rescuing the out of print literature and reselling these classic tomes. If you don’t have …

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My Favorite Resource – Manual Library

PC repairFavorite Resource of the Month:

Today I discovered through Julia Wilkinson’s Yard Salers Facebook group this great resource! Thanks, Julia and Jeff!

You know the drill….

Wife: It’s not working. What do the directions say?

Husband: Let me see if …

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The Art of the Upsell on eBay

Do you want Fries with That? The Art of the Upsell.

We’ve all heard it before. You’re hungry and you pop into Mickey D’s for a hamburger. You get to the front of the line and place your order for …

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