Freedom From Selling on eBay & Amazon

You will always hear me praise both online ecommerce sites eBay and Amazon. They are the perfect medium for the brand new to online selling person in which to get started. These large venues teach many ecommerce lessons and there is all sorts of support should one become overwhelmed or have questions.

I do want to mention though that there are several ways to make money online and a few business models include not ever touching a product. One of my most favorite ways to earn money online is through affiliate marketing. This business model can be lucrative yet certainly has a learning curve.

Affiliate marketing is where you, the website owner or email list participant or person with lots of friends, sign up to affiliate or promote a product or service created by someone else. The owner of the product or services is the merchant. You, as an affiliate, will be issued a snippet of code to place on your promotional materials then the merchant tracks your sales.  When a potential buyer goes to the merchant website by clicking your code and purchases something you are paid a percentage of the sale price. You receive a check once or twice a month. It really can be a win/win situation. If you are authentic in your recommendations to your friends then you can become quite successful in this arena of sales. Did you notice I said friends? This is the success mindset of an affiliate. No matter if you own a website or participating in an online forum where you are recommending a product you need to think of the people you are advising as friends. Here is the acid test question: would I recommend this product to my mom or best friend? Of course, you will only recommend products you have tried yourself.

Affiliate marketing is  not as easy as buying a course, implementing that advice and becoming rich overnight. 🙂 It is simple, though, but not easy to work an affiliate business model. Work is work and even affiliate marketing takes work. The difference between selling a physical product from your home and affiliate marketing is that the affiliate model can become passive if the pieces are put into place correctly, consistently and with some discipline in the front end of the work. With a little forethought, strategic planning and consistent action a person can become quite successful at affiliate sales.

Here is my highest recommendation for the authoritative ebook on the subject. Ros is the real deal. She’s authentic and down to earth. My very good friend Lynn Terryis what they call a super affiliate (a person who makes more than six figures a year) and she got her start just by reading this ebook. Very worth investing in if you are ready to learn more about this business model. The Super Affiliate Handbook Try to get pass the hype’y’ sales copy. She really is worth her weight in gold!

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