Valuable Books to Find for Resell

A list of valuable books to sell online not only helps you know what is valuable but helps know what to find while you’re out. It will pay you many times over. I have spent hours putting such lists together for myself as a online bookseller.

I like to help people who have elected to become book sellers the best I possibly can. So I decided to share my winners each month so you can create your own lists. This is by far not a comprehensive list of what I sell or have sold but is the top sellers of the month. They are in most cases commonly found and so little of an investment that I know you can capitalize on the information.

My philosophy in my business life is to help others, not to look at them as competitors waiting to pounce on my business and run away with all my best kept secrets. A few book sellers have written a scathing email or two to me about divulging top secret information. The internet is way too big to worry about that. If I give you leads to which books to find you aren’t going to glut the market tomorrow. However, when you find one of these valuable books and make a handsome return on your investment your excitement and the momentum that fuels that will hopefully launch you into a productive online book selling business. It did me. That’s what I strive for in the teaching part of my business – your success!

Top Ten Sales for August

FOL stands for the Friends of the Library. I have included a link to the online maps of the local used book sales at the libraries. These are the organizations that sell books which were donated to raise funds for various public libraries. The lower dollar amount is what we paid for the book we sold this month.

After you read each lead go to eBay or Amazon and put the title in the search box then you will see the closed auction or listing with a picture of the item. You have more valuable books imprinted on your brain if you take a look at the cover graphics.

encyclopedia 2004

FOL $10

TIME LIFE ~THE OLD WEST Books 20 Volume SET John James Audubon~HB~$150 FOL $20


I have a blog post on this title

.  Go read it and list your Julia Child cookbooks if you want to make some quick cash. Do it soon though since the window of opportunity is closing, Pop media waves are fun to ride but they are just waves and do plateau rather quickly.

My Love AffairELIZABETH TAYLOR MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH JEWELRY~Elizabeth Taylor~2002~HBDJ~new~$140
FOL $5

FOL $.50

LADYBUG, LADYBUG~Kathleen Daly~1969~HBDJ ~$70 FOL $1

I WONDER WHY SET (12 Vol)~ Southwestern Books~$70
Thrift outlet $3


Richard ScarryBUSY BUSY WORLD~Richard Scarry~1990~HB~$50
FOL $1

THE WAY TO COOK~Julia Child~ HBDJ~$48
Thrift $1

Your Partner to Online Success,

PS If you’d like to get this information in your inbox every month, my subscription service provides sixty leads in list format. The report is a PDF file that you can print off and tuck in your purse or wallet. It is a handy reference tool for any serious book seller. Click on this link and download your file today.

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LeighaB of Men's Cotton Tshirts October 25, 2009 at

Julie Anna,

I have a question. How much does the book being signed by the author increase the value of a book? I have a 1st edition copy of “Stay Alive All Your Life” by Norman Vincent Peale that is inscribed and signed by Mr. Peale and dated February 1961. Where might I be able to find out if this book has any value?

Julie Anna October 26, 2009 at

HI Leigha,

Thanks for your question. Try and click the used book tab. Then put in your title. These are asking prices and most times are all over the board. Pick the median of a like condition listing.

I ran a search for the title with the keyword “signed” and found this listing

. It is only listed for $20. It’s all in the demand and supply of the title. I have a feeling these were mass produced and signed often by Peale. So generally speaking, you don’t always have anything special with a signed copy of a book unless the book is sought after anyhow. Be sure, though, to note that it is signed and inscribed.

Hope that helps!

LeighaB of Men's Cotton Tshirts October 26, 2009 at

Julie Anna,

Guess I won’t be taking that around the world trip with the proceeds from this one!. lol.

I do appreciate the info though.



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