Sell Halloween Costumes on eBay

Did you know Halloween costumes make great money on eBay? Seller niches can be quite successful. One niche is the holiday clothing niche. Halloween has become almost as big as Christmas for many retailers. As online merchandise sellers this should perk our ears.

How can you capitalize on a strong selling niche on eBay? Just like the moms who are reselling their designer label kids’ clothes on eBay the designer label costumes can be sold for a pretty penny. You, like the many others who have jumped on board, don’t have to be a mom who has a child that’s outgrown their designer item to resell on eBay. You can go find these items specifically for resale.

Designer label costumes can easily be found, if you keep your eyes open and go to specific selling places like baby bazaars, moms’ meetings rummage sales, thrift stores and other second hand consignment shops and selling places that you can find these designer costumes. They won’t be like purchasing a dollar book, you may have to spend between five and twenty dollars. Yet if you know the market trends and cost profit ratio you can make some decent money. Be particularly mindful of the baby and toddler sizes. But as you will discover all sizes do well. The baby age, however, is when parents will spend big money for a tyke to wear an outfit for a single night.

The season starts now and goes through all the way until only days before the big trick or treat day. Yes, even if moms have to pay huge to get that perfect costume for their darling child they will shop up to the very last minute. This might entail asking the seller to throw it into a overnight priority envelope and paying an extra $30 to overnight it to their home. Nothing is too good for little Susie or Jonnie, right? Be sure to emphasize your willingness to do so in your listings. We’re here to please. Right?

Some clothing inseam or collar tags to look for include: Tom Arma, Sugarbelles, Disney Store, Gap

As with any selling niche, you will have more than one competitor. An optimal way to attract bidders is to include something for free. Some sellers will offer free shipping. Include that cost in your starting minimum bid. You may want to offer a stuffed toy or cheap book (if you’re a bookseller that should come naturally).

A seller who sold a monkey Arma costume included an adorable stuffed monkey. Do you think those same moms I mentioned could be sold on other offerings while they have their credit cards out at your eBay pages? You bet. Don’t forget the upsell when you write your listings. This means mention that you have other children’s items for sell at your site.

I suggest taking your time to focus on the marketing rather than learning this niche. You can get the information and learn it quickly, but you must remember to throw in the extras I just mentioned when
writing your listings (we will ship overnight, and take a look at our other listings…)

How can we capitalize on this target market? Easily. This is one of those niches that requires hardly any foreknowledge except to know a few pointers, and you can be off and running in hours making your first profit in as little as five days. You may wonder if it’s too late since we’re in late September. No, the selling season is strong right now and will continue for about another three weeks. This means you do need to get the costumes up and listed very soon.

Since you are crunched on time and time is very valuable I have a great resource for you. My expert friend, who has done all the homework for you, will diminish the time investment in learning which costumes sell well, where to get them, and even how to get insider information in the children’s clothing niche in general. By taking a few minutes and reading her ebook, A Step by Step Guide to eBay: Selling Hot Halloween Costumes you’ll know where to go, and what to look for, but best of all, take her cheat sheet with you to the thrift or consignment shop and you won’t feel like you’re going to panic the minute you run into those full racks of costumes! How much easier can it get? How many of you can use a turbo-charge to your listings about now?

Here’s a few things you will learn and Sherah will share that she’s done for success over the years:

Cheat Sheet” list of 240+ costumes & accessories that I find often – these consistently sell for $20-$100+ on Ebay! This is my own personal list that I use – I’ve never shared this information with anyone — Until Now!

Where to find these hot selling costumes RIGHT NOW and pay just pennies compared to what they’ll sell for on Ebay. No waiting for six months with many totes of inventory (and money tied up!) in your garage.

Detailed how-to instructions on your Halloween costume auctions: Title, Description, Price, Shipping, and Pictures. These never-before seen tips are exclusive to selling costumes and a MUST for the Ebay seller who is serious about maximizing profits.

How to research the costumes you’ve purchased and learn the right key words to make your auction prices SOAR. Special online source – not your normal Ebay research!

This book sells for $29. Sherah agreed to a discount for my readers so use my link below in this email or when you visit the page use that one since I coded her link.

$9 off for Family Business Ideas readers! Download your ebook here:

I’m so gung-ho about this niche and its potential to put some of you on the map with eBay that I decided to add a personal bonus if you purchase the ebook. Another season we are coming into quickly is the cookbook season. Again, it can be a time consuming and steep learning curve, but I have done the homework for you. I put together a file of names of cookbooks to grab that will make you $40 or more. Guaranteed!

I normally charge for this but I’m going to throw it in for nothing, nadda, and completely free if you buy Sherah’s costumes ebook.

Here’s the link to my cookbook list: email me your receipt number and I’ll send you the cookbook file. My email can be found under the About Me tab.

Really, I think this direction may be the new start some of you are looking for or a needed diversion to others of you who need to add some fun back into your businesses.

To your seasonal selling success!!


PS Be sure to download the resource I mentioned before the time period of selling costumes ends.

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Estelle September 24, 2009 at

I’m thinking of trying E-Bay. I tried MyeBizPro for an internet business and that was a joke. My loss is someone Else’s gain, because I’m letting you know to ask before you leap into something with them. Don’t pay a lot of money to start up a stay at home business it’s not worth it. Maybe there is a company out there that is honest, but not these guys. I’m going to try E-Bay for now.

dawnaurora October 9, 2009 at

Hi Julie,
I really enjoyed this post. I am wanting to get into selling on ebay, but just not have taken the leap. This book looks like a great read to get started.
Thanks a bundle

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