Publish that Book You Wrote through Amazon

Here is another of Amazon’s well hidden sites.

This is one of two places I recommend to publish your ebooks. What? You haven’t written that book inside of you yet. What are you waiting for? If you are just too overwhelmed over the thought of getting that great piece of work out of your head, leave this post for a moment and sign up for my FREE writing course.

Now for the rest of you, you will want to publish your work through Amazon’s create a space. This program is TOPS. It’s relatively cheap as publishing goes.  For a smallish 55-106 page plain book you’ll pay about $2.50 each for a couple of copies. If you upgrade to their pro account (not pro-merchant as in bookseller account) then you pay less. The more you order the more you save. There’s a calculator at the site to help you determine your pricing before you publish anything. This is slightly different from publishing houses.

Taken from Amazon’s site: Buying Copies of Your Own Book

Orders you place for your title are referred to as “Member Orders.” When you order copies of your own book, you pay just the fixed and per-page charges plus shipping and handling.

Best of all, you can list your book with Amazon and make royalties on the book. Amazon publishes the book on demand. They take a percentage and you get your slice. Beautiful! You don’t touch the book and don’t end up with a closet full of books after you’ve given copies to all your relatives and friends and their friends and the dog. Let’s face it, Amazon is the 800lb gorilla in the book selling world. Take advantage!

Taken from Amazon’s site: You earn royalties every time we manufacture a product to fulfill a new customer order placed on, your eStore, or through distribution outlets within the Expanded Distribution Channel.

Your royalty is the list price you’ve designated for your book, minus their share.  The royalty is calculated through the distribution channel. If you use Amazon then it’s 40%. If you set up an eStore through AZ it’s 20% and finally 60% selling through your own website. You need not ship the books yourself.

Now think of this entreprenuerially, you aren’t looking to get rich on your book. Yes, I know it’s your baby and you think highly of your book. However, the real reason an online publisher will want to publish a book is for authority. You want to be recognized as the expert. One of the very best ways to do that is through being an author.

So get to it. Write that book. Sign up for help here.

Go to the author’s page at the site here. to learn more.

To Your Online Success!

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