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customer service Are you kind or do you have a reputation for not putting up with any flack? One of your best selling strategies is being sweet and pleasant to people. Your tone can be read even in email or terms of service write ups.  If someone has a disagreement with us we can either try and win an argument or we can act with kindness striving to be above reproach in all matters.

I choose to live the latter philosophy. All the way around it’s a better way to live. Sure, it may feel good when someone has intentionally wronged you to get even, but it feels  better to do good even when the person least deserves it. More often  than not your kindness will soften the disgruntled customer. Yes, I  live in the real world and know that there are the insatiable customers out there. Pray you don’t get one anytime soon. But chances are …

you will get that one customer who just seems to live to make  your life miserable so you had better prepare ahead of time. The good news is this buyer represents less than a fraction of one percent of the buying clientele so you will probably have to be nice when it is not  deserved only a couple of times over a decade.

Staying professional will always pay off in the long run. Be courteous, stick with a well  written terms of sale policy and keep your temper at all costs. If  the customer oversteps the line and writes a scathing email do keep  all correspondence. Keeping all communication on record helps if the  disagreement is escalated to any sort of online selling venue arbitration. This is one of the many reasons you must stay  professional, the customer can use your heated emails against you  should you write something you may regret later. Before you respond  it may be a good idea to walk away from the computer and talk to a  friend about the crazy customer. This helps release some of the pent  up anger and may help in your perspective when it’s time to respond.  Once you have done all you can do to satisfy the customer and he is  unreasonable just remember you have a delete key and life is too short to spend much time fretting over the negativity he is causing you. Turn off the PC and hug your kids… tomorrow is a new day.

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