Guide to finding and selling valuable children’s books!

Did you know you can make great money selling books online?

We are longtime Powersellers who want to help other families succeed in selling online. We teach successful strategies that are easily learned.

  • We can teach you which books sell for a massive ongoing income!
  • We can teach you how to identify a valuable book like a shining jewel through the mud and muck of worthless books!
  • We teach you where to find these books and how to value them and how to sell them!

Finding Jewels

A Guide to Identifying Valuable Children’s Literature eBook will teach you all these things and more. This book is written in a highly comprehensible format and easily applied!

Now newly updated and expanded to teach you how we use eBay as a family business and incorporate it into your homeschool. Yes, you can do it all!

For the past 6 years our primary source of income has been buying used childrens books and selling them on eBay (our niche) and other online venues. It has taken us years to accumulate the knowledge we needed to be successful sellers on eBay. Finding Jewels is a practical book for an eBay seller who wants to sell children’s books and is packed with marketing information for the more seasoned eBayer. It includes helpful organizing and homeschooling tips for those SAHMs who really want to know how we do it all.

There are so many very good reasons to start selling books online especially if you are new to an internet business.

1. Books are commonly found.

2. You can obtain the books at a very low investment. In most cases less than $1!

3. There is a huge market for books. eBay’s number two most commonly searched category is books.

4. There is potential to make GREAT money in resale if you are educated.

5. Books can be easily listed online using templates where you just fill in the information. This lends itself well to family members helping you.

6. Marketing can be really fun since there are so many book loving online groups, author and illustrator fans, and collectors.

7. Packing supplies are minimal in investment and time saving since you are dealing with one size and non fragile merchandise.

8. You can save your customers LOTS of money by using the post office’s special services to ship.

9. Overall the book selling niche is quite rewarding since MANY people are blessed by a childhood find, a book they want for their child or the information they need to identify a long forgotten title.

You will rise above the competition through knowing what to buy and how to sell it. Many book dealers and scouts don’t know what to buy and what to leave behind. Because of this fact, your competition in acquiring valuable children’s literature is minimal. The dealer usually picks up what “looks” valuable. Many books that have an antiquarian look are not worth much at all. Conversely, the plain looking books and books recently out of print can be worth a few hundred dollars. The books that make you lots of $$$$$ are many times the ORDINARY looking books. Likely some of the books you have sitting on your bookshelves.

Knowing these book titles and authors will allow you to pick the right book out of the bunch. You won’t waste time and effort on low-price books.

Mistakes to avoid

  • The most common mistake most eBay sellers we have communicated with makes is picking up scads of worthless product. This not only drains your wallet, but more importantly, your valuable time. Once you are educated you will know which books to pass over and which to pick up. Believe me, there are LOTS of books to pass over. This is why our book is called Finding Jewels… the jewels need to be mined by going through LOTS of rubbish. Sometimes a jewel is just sitting there but buried! Many times it is out in the wide open and lots of folks have passed by it. It takes the TRAINED eye to spy it, then snatch it up. I bought your ebook!

I am amazed by it-so glad I bought it. I kept thinking I would gather the data myself until it hit me- why would I do That? I love everything about your book. we took it with us this morning on our “hunting trip.” It would have helped us snag the great deal we left behind on last week’s trip! Thanks for producing a product with style and integrity. Louise Jones eBay ID Fourwindsandawa

  • Another common mistake we see is under valuing your book. A lack of research skills makes a book seller not know he has a valuable book. There are ways to do the research. We teach you dependable research skills. An marketing edge is market value knowledge. You can learn to maximize profit. Many book sellers peruse eBay and buy their books from other sellers who don’t know what they have. We don’t only teach you HOW to research but we give you many of our learned hot sellers names! How many people are that open with their products that make them money?

The 6+ years of research PLUS experience is passed on to you with simple at your finger tips information.  You will know (not guess any longer) which titles of books, authors, and illustrators are HOT SELLERS and consistently make good money. You will learn valuable marketing skills. We will teach you how keywords affect your eBay sales. How to use the Buy It Now feature to make more money than what an auction may bring in. Gather information in how to drive buyers to your auctions.

Good seller. Great product. Made back my money the 1st time I used it. Juliana Wellman eBay user ID 3orquidia7

You have nothing to lose! We guarantee you will make money if you buy this eBook and apply the information in it. You will most likely make your money back in just two sales of the suggested books.

We are so confident that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Where do you buy this ebook? You just simply click this button below and you will receive an Paypal invoice of your purchase.


NOTE: In order to get your ebook after
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making the transaction!

You have really helped me start a great business at selling books. Thank you so much. Many thanks, Selena Bainbridge Island, WA eBay User ID studiobookshop

It is our goal to see you succeed in a family business. We’d love you to get dad home full time like we did! We talk more in depth about our goals for your success on our about us and our vision page. Basic information about the ebook 25 pages of eBay basic set up including tips in optimal selling on eBay, packing your item for shipping and marketing your auctions to peolple not perusing eBay. Then another 15 pages of book titles along with publisher information on which books to buy then finally another 25 pages of organizational help for the mom or dad who has children at home while running a business.

Guranteed Satisfaction

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Sally July 17, 2010 at


Brad Noe April 28, 2011 at

I have started collecting books recently but I don’t have a paypal account and don’t know much about e-bay. I’ve heard e-bay is harder to sell your products on these days. Have I been misinformed, does your book talk just about children’s books?, and can I still buy your book without a paypal account.

Julie Anna June 9, 2011 at

Hey Brad,

So sorry I didn’t see this comment before. I have an over zealous s.pam bucket. Indeed eBay is no longer the make money quick venue it once was to many of us long time book sellers. That said, especially for selling collectible books, it is the best venue in which to sell.

My ebook covers only finding, buying, selling and which children’s books are valuable. It’s geared for the beginner and stay at home parent looking to save time and make a living online. I do have a membership site which may be a better option for you. It’s While its title is misinforming it also teaches non fiction books and not what to look for but what topics are best to keep an eye out for. Read more about the specifics of subscriptions here : By the way, the ebook is free with that membership. So more bang for your buck!

For several years I was an editor for Craig Stark’s Market Report which also teaches selling books. His site has LOTS of great information in learning how to sell books.

Thanks for your questions and let me know if I can be of further assistance. Julie Anna

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