The Long Tail Book Review

A review by Julie Anna Schultz

The Long Tail; Why the Future of Business is Selling Less for More by Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson is the editor in chief for Wired magazine. Here is the original article in Wired magazine …
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How to Value a Book

Thumbnail image for How to Value a Book As a full time bookseller and an online bookseller's consultant this is probably the most common question I am asked outside of how do I know a book is valuable. There are several ways to find out the value of a book. The question specifically addressed pricing for the non collectible books. Well, on the field it's a no brainer when it comes to modern literature. I use a scouting tool. It's a PDA with a bar code scanner. This utilizes a data service that taps into Amazon's catalog. They are basically the authority pricing platform when it comes to valuing your books. So it stands to reason that if you can take a portable pricing guide and use it in the field you're miles ahead both on sourcing and pricing your books.
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Finding a Niche Market on eBay

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There are a number of ways to make money on the Internet. One of those ways is using eBay to showcase your wares. But, just because you offer products doesn’t mean the customers will be flocking to your auctions. Learn …

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5 Powerful Mind Success Strategies

Success is within your reach and with the right attitude you can accomplish anything you set your sights on. Embrace these five powerful mind success strategies and you’ll build a better business and live a happier, more satisfying life.
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Freedom From Selling on eBay & Amazon

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You will always hear me praise both online ecommerce sites eBay and Amazon. They are the perfect medium for the brand new to online selling person in which to get started. These large venues teach many ecommerce lessons and there …

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