Characteristics of an Effective Entrepreneur

My Saturday musings:

Entrepreneurship is collectively defined as exhibiting one’s business vision, taking action, pursuing that vision as a tangible goal and achieving it in life.  The unrefined definition is getting your butt off of that couch and doing something …

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Publish that Book You Wrote through Amazon

Here is another of Amazon’s well hidden sites.

This is one of two places I recommend to publish your ebooks. What? You haven’t written that book inside of you yet. What are you waiting for? If you are just …

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Publish Your Blog on the Amazon Kindle for FREE

Add your blog to the Amazon Kindle!

Can you imagine having your very own Amazon Kindle blog?  This is a very nice way to get exposure for your blog, promote whatever you’re selling and/or make affiliate income. If you use …

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Vintage Betty Crocker Cookbook – Valuable Find of the Month

Bet you had no idea Betty Crocker’s cookbook was a find for resale? Remember this one mom (or grandma if you are real young) used? This baby is a hot, hot, hot find. Think a bill. Yep, $100!

Some of …

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What about the Kids Jobs?

A question I'm asked is what jobs can we do with the kids in the home business. Finding kids jobs isn't easy even if you're there to help them learn to work.
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