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50 valuable children’s book titles every month in your inbox!

One bookseller says it like this, “Valuable books are scarce (or they wouldn’t be valuable) but there are many valuable books.” What she means is there are so many collectible books to look for that if you are educated the chances are likely that you will find one if you are looking. Who knows? There may be one on your shelf.

The above story scenario is based on an actual event. My husband was the speaker and the volunteer was a son of a bookseller. He guessed once. My husband said, No, that’s incorrect. Take another guess. He guessed twice. My husband said, No, worthless. Try again. He chose a third time. Nope, still unable to guess correctly. On the fourth try my husband informed him that he indeed had not guessed correctly. Our volunteer was certainly disappointed. He had a 50% chance of getting the correct guess, but he didn’t know which books would make him $400.

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